Welcome to BackInTheBlack®

BackInTheBlack® is the leading edge in Collections and Loss Mitigation technology. We have a very comprehensive list of offerings that individually provide huge benefits to any servicing shop, which are all grouped together, in one application making problem loan management easier than ever!

Dynamic Workflow & Distribution

A powerful rule-based implementation allows work distribution to members of your team in various popular methods. This implementation also drives the flow of the workout to ensure all vital steps are completed in the appropriate order.

Workout Eligibility

Our eligibility module initially determines whether or not your loan meets the criteria for the workouts provided. This allows your team to save valuable time by not attempting workouts that the loan does not qualify for.

Workout Calculators

A robust set of calculators provides your team with the necessary tools to perform a complete workout. This includes: Repayment Plan, Special Forbearance, Modification (Standard and HAMP), Pre-Foreclosure Sale (Standard and HAFA) and Deed-in-Lieu (Standard and HAFA).

Package Send & Receive

Collecting the required documentation can be a hassle, but this is easily done with our one-click package generation, by printing the package locally, or in batch mode to mail as needed. When the package is returned, check the required information in and should anything be missing, you will be alerted and prompted through our missing items process.

Document Generation

Most workouts require documentation to be sent out for verification and authorization. You can generate and print these documents directly through our system. With the workout information already included within the document, you can print the documents locally or in batch mode to mail as needed.

Third Party Integrations

We integrate with numerous vendors, using various methods of data transfer. Do you have a trusted vendor that you would like to integrate with? We can bring that data directly into our system to provide your team with all the information needed to make the best decisions.

These are just a few key features of our BackInTheBlack® servicing platform. Please request a demo by clicking here and we will show you how BackInTheBlack® can assist you in solving all your default mortgage needs.